Trending Granite Countertops Colors in 2021

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a kitchen with white bottom cabinets, gray top cabinets, an island with a wooden finish, and white countertops that are grained and speckled

There are so many granite types and colors that it can be hard to choose which one is right for you! When you’re remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, this stone offers a huge amount of choices not just in thickness and in patterns, but also in its colors.

Granite is a unique stone, combining grain patterns with marble-like ripple effects. Depending on the stone you choose, you might expect deep blues and golds, or silvers, blacks, and white shades. Because there are so many options, every year new trends emerge.

Interior designers implement granite in different ways every year, combining traditional and modern counters with a seemingly never-ending range of stone types. At Pro Stone Countertops, we don’t just have a massive range of modern kitchen granite countertops
from which you can choose, but we always aim to ensure our customers are well-informed and well-equipped to make the right choice.

In this piece, we’ll take a look at some of the granite countertops to be trendy in 2021, and hopefully give you some inspiration for renovating your own home!

Top 2021 Granite Trends

Bold Veins

For a long time, simple and subtle veins and patterns in granite were the most popular. In 2021, the popularity of this trend is going to fade out. While the debate over the top granite colors goes on, the question of whether or not veins and patterns are popular has been settled. Strong veins make the perfect complement to simple kitchen colors and their complex patterns are interesting to look at.

Granite kitchen countertops with bold veining is great for both traditional and modern kitchens, especially pairing well with ultra-modern faucets or ornate gold and silver finishes.

Matte Finishes

You’ve likely seen many granite countertops with a stunning polished finish, but did you know that matte granite looks amazing too? A matte finish shows off the veins and patterns in the granite, making its natural form a centerpiece in your kitchen or bathroom.

The pattern is what makes the matte finish work especially well, showing off the stone’s natural colors and perfectly complementing an ultra-modern kitchen or bathroom style. There’s no sheen or reflection, and the material is just as hard and durable as you’d expect from polished granite.

Neutral/Muted Colors

While granite is known for offering extremely bold and rich colors, neutral and muted colors are becoming increasingly popular. Not only do the cream, white, and light blue shades never go out of style, but top designers are also using these neutral colors to complement both clean, modern cabinet styles and even traditional and ornate kitchens.

It’s hard to go wrong with neutral and muted colors, and when combined with complementary colors on your cabinets and floor, it’s easy to change the look in your kitchen or bathroom with different colored accessories. This particular granite trend is timeless and allows you to adapt at your own pace.

The Top 10 Granite Colors of 2021

Black Galaxy

Black Galaxy granite is named this way because it looks like you’re looking up into the stars. It’s one of the best black granite countertops you can get, with stunning flecks of gold and silver in the deep-black stone.

Absolute Black

Absolute Black is aptly named. It’s an almost completely black countertop that looks modern, and, like Black Galaxy, it has flecks of white and silver throughout. These tiny specs, however, are much smaller and more subtly reflect light.

African Rainbow

Primarily a white stone, the African Rainbow granite slab has a delicate-yet-bold pattern that incorporates grays, light beiges, and even some light blues.

Blanco Espana

In Blanco Espana , you’ll see hints of blue and gray with specs of white. It has more of a grain effect than veins or folds and looks great in both the bathroom and kitchen.

Agatha Black

With Agatha Black , you get the benefit of the bold black color along with the deep veins that are going to be so popular in 2021. The extremely bold veins of silver and gray permeate the entire stone, resulting in a consistent and natural pattern.

Alaska White

Looking for white granite that doesn’t look too plain? Alaska White is packed with patterns, veins, grains, and every other small detail you can think of. This is an in-your-face granite that looks great with modern cabinets and neutral tones. It’s one of our best white granite countertops.

Amarillo Santa

This yellow granite looks just like sand, with varying shades of yellow against a white backdrop. Amarillo Santa is ideal for light and modern kitchens.

Aspen White

Aspen White blends white and gold in an incredible way, with delicate veins running throughout the style. It is highlighted by pops of gray and silver.


Go all-in with the 2021 trend for deep and bold veins with this Azurite cream, brown, and gray granite. You’ll see hints of silver and gold throughout, too, making this a true centerpiece for your kitchen.

Autumn Beige

Looking for a classic granite grain? Autumn Beige is white and beige with flecks of grey, giving you an amazing natural style.

Helping You Choose the Best Granite for Your Kitchen or Bathroom

What’s better than discovering the most popular granite colors? Learning that Pro Stone Countertops has them all in stock!

We’re committed to staying on top of all the latest granite trends, and our commitment to providing our customers with the best quality of stone knows no bounds. We’re always happy to help our customers choose the right stone, whether that’s through consultation or by making these stones easy to browse right here on our website.

Whether you’re looking to renovate your current kitchen, or you’re completely remodeling your home, we’re confident we have the best range of best granite for the kitchen from which you can choose. We’ll help make your kitchen dreams come true.

For more information about our range of granite countertops in Mississippi, or to arrange a consultation, call the team today at 662-212-5484 or get in touch online!